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ASUS N61JQ-XV1 Review - Everything You Need to Know About This High-Performance Laptop!

Are you looking for a notebook that gives more than simply the basics? If so, then the ASUS N61JQ-XV1 might be for you! This is a laptop that supplies premium leisure. It's built with an Intel Core i7 processor (quad-core), making it an exceedingly effective laptop PC. Its ATI mobility Radeon excessive-definition snap shots make it clean to play games and watch movies without any latency. With the HDMI port, you can hook it as much as a bigger display, such as a high-definition tv.

With its functions, this laptop can do just about whatever, and take care of pretty much any applications and duties! It gives DirectX 11 support that may deal with high-definition playback. You can expect better portraits and realism while playing your favourite on-line games. The ATI PowerPlay function permits for lengthy battery lifestyles. You can keep as much as 500 GB of documents within the Super-Multi disc pressure.

Here are the technical details of the ASUS N61JQ-XV1:

· Intel Core Processor
· 500 GB difficult force - 7200 RPM
· 16" excessive-definition LED-backlit display
· ATI (Mobility Radeon) high-definition 5730
· Memory: four GB - 8 GB DDR3, relying on whether or not or not you improve
· Windows 7 Home Premium OS

The three-contact track-pad lets in the person to navigate via files, picture albums, net pages, and so on. It's quite clean to seize on the zooming, pinching, rotating, and so forth. The Chiclet keyboard is designed for typing precision. You can type and navigate readily on this laptop. It's designed to be smudge-resistant, making it smooth to smooth.

This ASUS N61JQ-XV1 computer has severa wireless functions. In truth, it is one of the 1st laptops to characteristic USB 3.0 as opposed to the normal 2.0! USB 3.Zero lets in for 10x quicker facts switch than USB 2.Zero! If you need to take it with you, you may be glad to recognise that it is pretty mild for its length. You can log on at just about any wireless spot way to the excessive speed wi-fi N.

Thanks to the modern-day Bluetooth era, you could sync your peripherals effortlessly. The velocity at which the photos, files, and songs transfer between the computer and peripherals are awesome. Printing time is likewise reduced extensively. You can even hook up to a few digital gadgets to the computer without delay!

This computer PC has a sunken hinge layout to make it easy to regulate the attitude of the display. You can with no trouble view the screen from pretty much any attitude. More and greater laptop producers are looking to create ergonomic capabilities, yet no longer of all of them are able to do so. ASUS, however, succeeds where most others fail - in particular with regard to this specific pc.

It's designed to be a enterprise computer, however you could use it for multimedia as nicely. The graphics and processor are enough to guide most games. You can also circulate videos and tune if you want. Most purchasers select to buy this laptop because it gives high performance at an lower priced rate. The DVD burner is extremely speedy, so that you can burn CDs and DVDs quick and effortlessly.

Additional functions encompass a headphone jack, microphone jack, net-cam, Express Card 34, E-SATA, and so on. The 6-mobile battery offers hours of nonstop use. If you need to take it with you as you tour, you won't should recharge it very regularly.

Overall, the ASUS N61JQ-XV1 is an excellent laptop that doesn't compromise on overall performance. It's not always smooth to locate an less expensive computer that offers such astounding performance, so this ASUS pc is certainly well worth the investment. Its sturdy layout will defend it from drops and bumps, so you can count on it to remaining for years!

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